Frequently Asked Questions

I – About our issues

- How regular are our issues? 

We aim to publish an issue on average every six months. This is done in a way to give our editors sufficient time to prepare the issue, as well as writing and editing articles which are up to our standards of publication.

 - Where do we announce the topic of our next issue? 

We will announce the topic for each issue in advance course on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. Alternatively, feel free to email us at if you have any queries about upcoming issues.

 - Do we publish articles that do not fit in our chosen issue? 

When preparing an issue, we only accept articles that fit within its theme. However, if the topic of your article fits in one of our future issues, we will contact you to see if you would still be interested in getting your article published with us.

 - Do we publish articles already published elsewhere? 

No, we only publish original content or content written for academic use that has not been published yet.

 - How many articles do we publish per issue? 

We aim to publish between 8 and 14 articles per issue.

II – Writing for us

 - Is there a deadline for articles? 

Once an article topic has been decided, we will aim to find a date that suits both you and our schedule. However, this date will not correspond to the date of publication. That is done in order to give us time to review and format the article, as well as modify it if necessary.

 - Who can write for us? 

We are delighted to publish the work of undergraduate/graduate students, recent graduates or academic staff regardless of the accredited university of origin as long as the contributor’s article is approved by our editors and is written according to our standards.

 - Why write for Sensus? 

Sensus engages itself to offer its contributors a platform to express often overlooked aspects of a certain topic in their writing. The experience is twofold: contributors receive personalised help and counsel from one of our editors, allowing them to develop their writing skills and gain experience. Upon request, we can even assign an editor to contest and rebuttal on a submitted article in order to have a constructive exchange on a chosen topic. Once the editing is complete, contributors benefit from having their work published to a host of readers on our platform, giving you the ability to spread your ideas and perspective while having gained professional experience.

III – Formatting Your Article

 - How long should your article be? 

Articles should roughly be between 1,000 and 2,200 words long. Special exceptions may be granted upon request.

 - Do we have preferences for referencing? 

As we publish articles rather than academic essays, we are not particularly strict on referencing. However, we do require contributors to list articles/works used to write the article (if applicable) in the bibliography at the end of the article as we do not tolerate plagiarism or unsupported argumentation.

IV- Getting involved

 - How can you get involved in Sensus? 

Any vacancies in our editors team will be published both on our social media pages. We also accept solicitations on a rolling basis should you be interested to join our team. For any inquiries or to submit your solicitation, please contact us at For any solicitation we require you to give your name, level and university of study, motivations for joining Sensus as well as a sample piece of work, academic or not, for us to review.