2020 Tokyo Olympics: A Case Study in the Japanese Migration Problem

One issue that is becoming increasingly salient is migration in all its forms. Historically, Japan has been averse to letting migrants in and the legacies of this mindset are becoming evident. During the first round of ticket sales for the Olympics, 70% of tickets for the events were reserved to Japanese residents. International applications had to be made via your country’s national olympic committee later that month.

Den of Thieves or Family Neighborhood? the Cost of Vilifying Refugee Communities

‘Exarcheia, Europe’s largest anarchist neighborhood based in central Athens, has become one of the most vilified neighborhoods in the West. Upon the recent election of a new anti-immigration prime minister, places like Exarcheia, that hold more refugees in a few blocks than enter the United States in a calendar year, find themselves increasingly endangered. Are…

Opinion: Australia’s dirty secret

On the global stage Australia is morally righteous, condemning breaches of human rights worldwide, yet domestically they are guilty of breaching those very same rights themselves, creating a hypocritical situation.