Editorial: Identity

A discussion around identity is necessary to better understand current affairs from a broader perspective and to articulate effective responses to the issues presenting themselves at this momentous time.

Eco-fascism: Its roots and contemporary reach within the extreme right

Within the “crisis in liberal democracy” of the past decade, two issues that have been detrimental: climate change and right-wing extremism (Forchtner, 2019, 11). Interestingly, a small, albeit growing,  number of people are seeking to combine the two – they are right-wing extremist preoccupied with environmentalist concerns. Yet right-wing extremist environmentalism, or eco-fascism, is overlooked…

Reinforcing the Political Red Lines of a Green New Deal

In delineating between the moral necessity to take practical action in light of our global climate crisis and the strategic considerations of political parties seeking to secure the support of voters, it can be concluded that the premise of a “Green New Deal” (GND) is far from guaranteed. This is true on both sides of…

The (real) price of affordable sustainability, a tale from crowded Colombian buses

Bogota is regarded by international institutions – particularly the World Bank – as a pioneer in the development of green, low-cost, urban transportation networks, thanks to its innovative Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. However, rising transport prices regularly encourage street protests, with many Bogotanese demanding the construction of a rail network to properly meet the transportation needs of the capital.

“Greenwashing” : the story of sustainable / environmental propaganda

Although proliferation of environmental claims appears to be great news at first sight, the lack of accuracy of among those is absolutely alarming. As discussed here, the most profitable companies are being accused of greenwashing, regardless of the level of harm their industry is causing to the environment.

Editorial: Climate Change

“The last five years have been the hottest ever recorded. Sea levels are at the highest in human history (…). The point of no return is no longer over the horizon. It is in sight and is hurtling towards us” In a recent press conference ahead of the COP25 presided by Chile in Madrid (2…

The Dublin Regulation, A Nightmare for Asylum Seekers

The Dublin regulation poses fundamental issues: it is an unfair system that has been recognized as widely inefficient by the Member states. Most importantly, it endangers asylum seekers and facilitates infringement of their basic human rights.

2020 Tokyo Olympics: A Case Study in the Japanese Migration Problem

One issue that is becoming increasingly salient is migration in all its forms. Historically, Japan has been averse to letting migrants in and the legacies of this mindset are becoming evident. During the first round of ticket sales for the Olympics, 70% of tickets for the events were reserved to Japanese residents. International applications had to be made via your country’s national olympic committee later that month.

Den of Thieves or Family Neighborhood? the Cost of Vilifying Refugee Communities

‘Exarcheia, Europe’s largest anarchist neighborhood based in central Athens, has become one of the most vilified neighborhoods in the West. Upon the recent election of a new anti-immigration prime minister, places like Exarcheia, that hold more refugees in a few blocks than enter the United States in a calendar year, find themselves increasingly endangered. Are…

Opinion: Australia’s dirty secret

On the global stage Australia is morally righteous, condemning breaches of human rights worldwide, yet domestically they are guilty of breaching those very same rights themselves, creating a hypocritical situation.

Editorial: Migration

In contemporary debate, it seems that little subjects are as misunderstood as migration. While people often misjudge its scale and definition, such differences often lead to actors holding divergent views on how to address and conceive it. When someone thinks about a migrant, one often limits its thinking to refugees, labor migration or students. The…

The colonial legacies of our cities: tackling the modern myth of Le Corbusier

   We navigate the city as passive inhabitants, moving from one organization to the other, one order to the other, from brutalism to neoclassicism. Systematically we fail to critically engage with our surroundings. We walk by St Paul’s Cathedral, by the British Museum or the V&A. We see their grandeur, their overwhelming amount of detail….

Editorial: Urban Perspectives: Understanding the City’s Challenges

For our second issue, we wanted to offer a broad perspective of 21st century urban challenges. In 2007, for the first time in our history, the majority of the world population lived in an urban area and this urbanisation trend is showing no sign of slowing down. As a matter of fact, the near totality…

Running for your love: Tracing the life of a queer asylum seeker

Meet Muhammad Ali Baashi. He’s eighteen, a Somali teenager working for his family in the village of Barawe some fifty miles from Mogadishu. Muhammad is a lot like most teenagers, and as a teenager often does, Muhammad fell in love. Love is a universal truth, something we feel for our family, our friends, our pets,…

Case Study: Why is Feminism limited in China?

  A year after the #MeToo movement spread on social media with the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations breaking out in The New York Times, it is fair to say that Feminism has been everywhere in the Western hemisphere lately. However, whilst we regularly hear stories from Europe, North America, the Middle East and South Asia…

Brazil and Bolsonaro: The Resistance Will Be Feminist or It Won’t Be.

the 28th of October, Brazil took a radical step towards fascism with the election of Jair Bolsonaro as President of the country. Such event may seem unbelievable, but it is the outcome of an incremental crisis in brazilian politics that started after the mandate of the former President Lula da Silva. A very brief summary…

Editorial: Gender + Politics

Our first challenge: Bringing a closer yet broader lens on the interplay of gender and politics For the first of our monthly themes, we wanted to hit the ground running with a deeply contemporary and debated topic. While a fair amount of publications focus their attention on high visibility debates around this topic, we are…