The Team


Editor In Chief

Maurits (He/Him) is currently a masters candidate in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge. His particular interests of study and writing include political economy, migration, economic transformation and technology.



Co-Editor in Chief

Louis (He/Him) is currently an MA International Security student at Sciences Po in Paris. His particular interests lay in the regions of China, East and Southeast Asia. He also wrote for the KCL International Relations Today blog as the “East-Asia and the Pacific” Editor.




Coline (She/Her) is currently a Law Student with a Bachelor in International Relations from King’s College London. Her personal interest of study are human rights law, gender studies and Middle Eastern conflict. She interns this year at the French Coordination for the European Women’s Lobby.

Ju-Hyun KIM


Ju-Hyun (She/Her) is a third year BA War Studies student at King’s College London. She also spent a year studying abroad at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Her particular interests lie in international security not only in a military sense but also in a global health sense. 



Carla (She/Her) is a BA Third Year Student of European Studies French Pathway currently on exchange at SciencesPo Paris. She is passionate about environmental issues, feminism and Latin American politics. Her particular interests include political theory, citizen politics and international political economy.

Michael HEAD


Michael (He/Him) is a History & International Relations 3rd year student at King’s College London, originally from the North of England. His areas of interest include nuclear proliferation, state and cultural identity and its crossover with human rights. He is currently planning a history dissertation surrounding gender and sexuality in 1950s Cold War America. 

Juliette HOWARD


Juliette (She/Her) is currently a 3rd year English with Film student at King’s College London. Her areas of interest include environmental issues, feminism, particularly second wave, and the way culture and art intersect with politics. She is half French, and is also a Film Editor for Strand Magazine.



Eve (She/Her) is a final year BA War Studies student at King’s College London, originally from France. Her particular interests of study and research include human rights law and peacekeeping processes, as well as the impact of sustainable energy transitions on geopolitics.



Jacob (He/Him) is currently a master’s candidate in Theory and History of International Relations at the London School of Economics. His interests of study and writing include international security, human security, peace and conflict and humanitarian response and assistance.

Kevin WANG


Kevin (He/Him) is a second year BA War Studies and Philosophy student at King’s College London. His particular areas of interest include theories of power and social change, the philosophical aspects of culture and politics, diplomacy, and U.S. grand strategy. He is originally from South Korea but has lived in the U.S. for many years.

Our Regular Contributors:

Alexia KOCH

Alexia (She/Her) is a graduate from University College London where she studied a Bsc Architecture and interdisciplinary studies with the Bartlett School of Architecture. She now works for the Rempart association for the protection of architectural heritage. Her particular interests of study and research include the intersection between social issues and architecture as well as geopolitics.



Madison (She/Her) is currently pursuing an MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies at the London School of Economics. Her particular areas of interest include migration, queerness, decolonisation and diplomacy.

She is currently a postgraduate consultant for the UNHCR and has been published by GLSEN (the gay lesbian straight education network), Teen Vogue, and Routed.

Baptiste MOINIER

Baptiste is a final year BA International Relations student at King’s College London. His particular interests of study include the impact of climate change on migration, sovereignty as well as climate resilience practices and strategies with a specific focus on the role of the European Union in climate change global politics.


Davide is currently enrolled in the Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action at Sciences Po Paris.
His main interest of study is international human rights law in migratory contexts. He is also interested in critical security studies, social justice and human rights based approaches to development.